It will not write your novel for you, suggest plot ideas or perform creative tasks of any kind.


But word processors are not designed to help you with a creative writing project. Word processing, spreadsheets, email managers and a desktop publisher are for commerce and administration and are not the best tools at all for creative thinkers and the writing process.

You want to write a book or a novel, not a letter or a report so forget all about using Microsoft Office. When you decide to write Ywriter book, Ywriter would be much better advised to look for writing software that is more distraction-free yes, no social media!

There are a lot of software packages available for writers.

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If you are starting out, there are many free alternatives and editing software that you can try. There is always a learning curve when you start using new software programs. So it is much better if you can spend your time and not your money when you are learning how to use a new program.

Luckily though, most of the applications in this post are easy to learn how to use and set up for writing your new book. The main criteria for good book writing are that you can write chapter by chapter or even scene by scene and that you can keep notes about your characters, events and if possible record a timeline.

Another Ywriter that is important to many writers is to have a distraction-free mode or at least reduce the clutter on Ywriter screen while you write in a text editor.

Ywriter are long-form writing, so working on one huge, long lump of text in one document is not only cumbersome but also prone to file and save errors. It really is an unsafe way to write a book because the chances of something going wrong technically are very high. Another consideration is that a good program for writing a book is rarely suitable or available as a mobile app.

But some might work on an iPad. When you try the software and online book writing apps below, you will immediately notice the difference and understand why writing a book needs a totally different approach. To get you started, here is a selection of some very good free web-based and open source book writing software and tools.

He explains the reason for going to all the trouble to create this software, and it should resonate with many writers.

No real overview, no easy jumping from scene to scene, nothing. The key feature of yWriter is that it breaks book writing into chapters and scenes.


When writing a book, this is a must-have feature. It also comes with the ability to build characters and locations. It is about total distraction-free writing. While it has many options you need to set things up for your writing your book, it has a hide-away interface that lets you concentrate on the one big thing you want to do.

Forget about menus, toolbars, drag and drop or copy and paste with this app. There is nothing between you and your words.

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Manuskript Manuskript is a feature-rich book writing tool. It has an outliner, word count, distraction-free mode and a novel assistant to help you develop characters using the snowflake method. Well worth a try for any writer I believe.

Sigil Sigil is open-source, free software that is well regarded for producing e-books in epub format. It also has a Table of Contents generator with multi-level heading support. Wordcradle Wordcradle is a free online novel writing tool that really has a lot going for it.

The character cards allow you to construct a profile for each one and they are set in an attractive table layout. Index cards are a must when writing a novel, and Wordcradle is equipped to handle all your ideas and to track changes you might make to your storyline. Combined with a reliable online grammar checker like Grammarly to keep your use of adverbs, passive voice and repeated words under control, you are surely going to be writing better and writing every day.

So forget about office applications that belong to cubicle warriors, and start learning how to write a book or even a short story with tools that are specifically designed for the purpose of creative writing.


As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, there are many fine paid apps which come highly recommended but are very often more suited to professional writers.

However, there is no need to make a big investment if you are just getting started on moving away from Word and Google Docs.PS: Make sure you don't have a comma in your numbers or else it won't work!

This Kindle Sales Rank Calculator has been created as a free tool for you to use and even put on your own author website.

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Its intentions are not to undermine Amazon in any way, but to instead help authors understand the connection between Amazon’s Best Sellers Rank .

Jun 21,  · yWriter is handy little app that has some really useful features for novelists. It works by organizing your work into chapters and scenes, thereby allowing you to schedule your work as if it were a project. The app has a clean interface that is very easy to work with. The layout is easy to follow /10(7).

Going through some old office supplies I’d packed last time I moved, I came across a Yafa Fountain Pen, dried out and abandoned for reasons I don’t remember. Write a novel or screenplay with Writer's Cafe: a powerful but fun writer's environment that includes the StoryLines structuring tool, a notebook, journal, writing quotations, scrapbook organiser, a page e .

yWriter5 helps you to organize your ideas and build new scenes and chapters as you work on completing a novel. You can add all of the elements your novel needs,/5(27).

YWriter. 3, likes · 11 talking about this. Spacejock Software - yWriter, yBook, FCharts and more/5(33).

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