Writing a reaction paper for art

In a reaction paper, the writer responds to what she has seen and heard, explaining her feelings and thoughts and relating the subject to course material or her own life. Thus, a reaction paper is a personal composition and does not follow a rigid structure.

Writing a reaction paper for art

The artist was [was not] successful in making me feel I was especially moved by I didn't get the connection between It was clear that the artist was trying to The sound track seemed too My favorite part was It is not a self-evident statement about the artwork. Developing a good thesis takes critical thought and is an essential step in your assignment.

What is its tone? What can you glean from it by reflecting on its visual qualities, its narrative qualities? Work with adjectives, which describe tone, or abstract nouns, which express concepts.

Craft your one-sentence thesis statement using the formula below. Remember to use parallel structure a list of adjectives or a list of nouns when writing your thesis. The film conveys 12and 3. The film conveys feelings of loneliness, solitude, and joy.

The artwork promotes ideas of 12and 3. The sculpture inspires patriotism, liberty, and independence. Modes of Analysis Consider whether any of the following ways of analyzing an artwork can be applied to the subject of your assignment: Does the work clearly depict objects or people as we would recognize them in the world around us is it representational?

Alternatively, is its subject matter completely unrecognizable is it non-objective? To what degree has the artist simplified, emphasized, or distorted aspects of forms in the work or abstracted it? Is there a clear narrative unfolding?

Are there things in the work that you can interpret as signs or symbols? For example, is there anything that suggests a religious meaning, or indicates the social status of somebody depicted in the work? Labels often provide good information about iconography.

Is it meant to reveal personal experiences? Is there commentary on the experience of women in society? Does it represent any political option? If argument forms the backbone of your paper, visual details are the meat. Make sure you can back up any and all of your assertions with visual evidence from the artwork or film and any outside sources that you care to include.

Keep an eye on the economy of your language, avoid repetition, very short sentences and curtail flowery word usage that doesn't say anything new or specific. Response Paper on Art Conclusion A response essay should contain a short summary, as well as restatement, of all points comprised in your argumentation.

It should account for general impressions and thoughts connected with the work, text, or movie and an estimation of its historical importance. The conclusion can also focus on the question of its relevance with respect to contemporary styles and movements.

Have you heard the phrase 'writing is rewriting? Read over your paper, making sure everything flows like you intend it to and that you provide sufficient support for the argument you're making.

Check for basic errors like spelling and grammar mistakes as well as more content-based issues like ill-explained terms or flimsy points.A reaction paper is a type of written assignment, which requires personal opinion and conclusions on a given article or abstract.

Unlike a summary, a reaction paper should contain your own thoughts on the problem, discussed in the original text. Tips for Writing a Good Reaction Paper.

The main aim of this article is to give students a chance to understand what is a reaction paper and to explain how to complete it without any efforts. Jul 24,  · Write your introduction. You should use your introduction to identify the major themes or ideas of the work and to state your reaction or reactions to these themes.

writing a reaction paper for art

For a four to five page paper, your introduction can extend to one or two paragraphs. For a shorter paper, though, restrict it to a short paragraph made up of three to five sentences%(21). Response Paper on Art – Conclusion Response essay on a work of art should contain a short summary as well as restatement of all points comprised in your argumentation.

It should account for general impressions and thoughts connected with the painting or sculpture and an estimation of its importance in art history. the writing process Writing a Response or Reaction Paper Each semester, you will probably be asked by at least one instructor to read a book or an article (or watch a TV show or a film) and to write a paper recording your response or reaction to the material.

Writing a Reaction Paper may be intimidating at first. A common question students ask is "How short or how long it should be." A reaction paper can be a mere five-hundred word to a one-thousand word essay (one to two pages, double spaced), or it can stretch on .

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