Writing a death announcement letter

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Writing a death announcement letter

January 5, Thanks so much for keeping up your site and allowing us to share our stories.


This week I will celebrate my three year anniversary out of the PCG. I have had so many blessings since leaving, including financial and spiritual.

writing a death announcement letter

I am so sorry for those years I wasted following a false prophet and neglecting a relationship with the true God. I am writing to ask for prayers for family members still entrapped in the PCG. A few months ago these PCG members had planned to visit us the PCG family members live out of statebut the ministry found out and forbade them to come home.

Our family was never marked when we quit, so the PCG family continued to have contact with us, thinking it was okay. Last week Flurry dictated to them via a personal phone call that they are to cut off all contact phone, letters, visits with any ex-PCG and WCG family member.

This includes parents, brothers and sisters. This is causing the people involved to be severely depressed with a feeling of hopelessness.

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Flurry also told them that the problem about associating with ex-PCG family members will be addressed in the next ministerial conference. Your website is certainly helping many people find their way out of Armstrongism. Thank you so much for all your work.

This is known as the "no-contact" ruling. Flurry has taken it one step further, saying all that are "Laodiceans" must be cut off. May 2, We just learned from a friend on the inside that all PCG tape libraries have been locked down.

Not even shut-ins to receive tapes until further notice. One of our contacts told us: Go to this article: This website and article are no longer up, but we have excerpts from it at the end of our article on BI.

writing a death announcement letter

An informant gave us the following info and these were the only ones known: But it was known that Marshall was wealthy and contributed a lot of money to Flurry in those very early weeks and months of the PCG, perhaps even funding the first mailings of Malachi's Message out of his own pocket.

Marshall ended up leaving the PCG very early, and it might have been within one year. August 31, I think the above list my help explain the animosity that was between Leap and Malone.

Dennis Leap helped to write [re-write] Malachi's Message to make it sound like Flurry did it on his own. I read about Leap being hired because of his talent at editing. When Leap stood up and said in a tape that went out that "we could have done a better job of writing MM" or words to that effectGerald Flurry blew his top.

He raked Leap over the coals in a following sermon for not giving MM the proper respect as being inspired by God, only through Flurry. I believe that Flurry can't get rid of Leap, but he doesn't want to give him too much power either.

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Another person of interest is Mark Nash. He is a former Navy Seal or Green Beret, with all the "talents" taught to them. He went to prison for defrauding the IRS, and yet was not even suspended while in prison. In fact, he was allowed to give sermons while on leave for "good behavior.

What do these men know that keeps them in the "good old boy network"?

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These two men, at least, have knowledge that keeps them on the "inside. Mark Nash now teaches Physical Ed and who knows what else. It doesn't take much to realize that Gerald Flurry is over a barrel with at least these two men.

We were told the following by a PCG exiter: In he was suspended. August 31, Dennis Leap got in hot water for saying "we could have put some things clearer in MM.

Later, I believe that Leap backpedaled by saying something about helping to edit it. I did see online about the booklet that GF had plagiarized and even read it. It even had a title about the message of Malachi. Like the leaders of the other splinters, GF followed Herbert Armstrong by stealing doctrines.Sample Rental Letters.

If you are a current/prospective landlord, property owner, property management company or tenant, any letter you write the other party can be called a rental letter.

Individuals write letters announcing a death by including the date and time of the death, the conditions leading to the loss and the wake and funeral arrangements for the deceased.

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