Write a simple java program

It lets you turn on a computer via the network, which is great when you need to turn on your home machine while you're at work. If your network socket still shows a green light after you've shut down computer, it probably supports Wake-on-LAN. The motherboard uses a small amount of power to monitor network traffic and look for special Wake-on-LAN packets. If it sees one, it will power up the system as if you had just pressed the on switch.

Write a simple java program

August 09, I have divided them into 10 different topic areas that I think the project may use the most. Keep in mind that a few of these projects could have been classified in more than one topic.

So I hope you enjoy and here they are! Keep a limit to how far the program will go.

write a simple java program

Also figure out how long it will take the user to pay back the loan. The program will figure out the change and the number of quarters, dimes, nickels, pennies needed for the change. Make it a scientific calculator for added complexity. The user enters the type of unit being entered, the type of unit they want to convert to and then the value.

The program will then make the conversion. This program may require finding coordinates of the cities like latitude and longitude. It then returns the tax plus the total cost with tax. To form the Pig Latin form of an English word the initial consonant sound is transposed to the end of the word and an ay is affixed Ex.: Read Wikipedia for more information on rules.

For added complexity have it report a sum of each vowel found. For added complexity read these strings in from a text file and generate a summary. Add syntax highlighting and other features.

You can have the program also add popup reminders. The user can set how often the stocks are checked and the program can show green up and red down arrows to show which direction the stock value has moved. It can allow comments or not and timestamps all entries.

Could also be made into a shout box. Then send them to a friend. Great for making online documentation of standard text documentation. Great for software developers looking to make shareware that can be activated. It will then run the regular expression against the source text and return any matches or flag errors in the regular expression.

There are various clocks across the world. Do a search for a list of them.

A Simple Java UDP Server and UDP Client | systemBash

For added complexity, create your own protocol to facilitate this chatting. On any successful connections mark the port as open. It may require the use of your own private network and a second computer to test with.

If it is down, it will notify you by email or by posting a notice on screen. Added complexity would be to try and implement streaming video, create a server-side language, or serve up other stream types.

Create a product class which has a price, id, and quantity on hand. Then create an inventory class which keeps track of various products and can sum up the inventory value. Example, first class is going to cost more than coach. Hotel rooms have penthouse suites which cost more.

Keep track of when rooms will be available and can be scheduled. Assign their scores on tests and assignments to the students and figure out their average and grade for the class.

For added complexity put the students on a bell curve. Manage credits and debits from these accounts through an ATM style program.

write a simple java program

Manage a collection of various books and allow the user to check out books or return books. For added complexity generate a report of those books overdue and any fees. Also allow users to put books on reserve. Have a doctor that can handle multiple patients and setup a scheduling program where a doctor can only handle 16 patients during an 8 hr work day.This article demonstrates how to read and write bar codes from a Java program.

We use the open source library zxing which supports many different types of bar code including the 2D QRCode, used by mobile apps. It can even read a barcode embedded somewhere in the page in a busy text document. Program Development in Java: Abstraction, Specification, and Object-Oriented Design [Barbara Liskov, John Guttag] on torosgazete.com *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

Written by a world-renowned expert on programming methodology, and the winner of the Turing Award. We will be writing in that line of code in the next step since it is an important part of the program to understand.

This is because when a java program is run it the first thing a computer looks for is a method named "main" and follows out all the instructions within that method.

A simple start, this is what I want. Thanks! 0. HamzaJ Edit Article How to Compile & Run Java Program Using Command Prompt. In this Article: Article Summary Compiling and Running Troubleshooting Community Q&A While many programming environments will allow you to compile and run a program within the environment, you can also compile and run using Command Prompt.

So return; does not really terminate your java program, it only terminates your java function (void).Because in your case the function is the main function of your application, return; will also terminate the application. But the return; in your example is useless, because the function will terminate directly after this return anyway.

Java has a wide variety of syntactic conventions (keywords, infix operators, three kinds of brackets, operator precedence, dot notation, quotes, commas, semicolons), but Scheme syntax is much simpler.

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