Tips on writing a blog post

Top influencers are already publishing on LinkedIn, so people are seeking out content on the platform to read.

Tips on writing a blog post

I never did that! I just wrote a post and published it. But after putting out four posts, something is obviously wrong. You pour your blood, sweat and tears into your posts, even stay up late writing into the night and after two days of your post being live, nothing!

My Post With the Most Comments I was taken surprised by how many comments this little blog is getting! But I found that a lot of my posts have comments on them.

So three people commented on my posts in the beginning. So, what did I do to cultivate not only a loyal following of commenters but getting any comments on my posts? Write an Engaging Headline The headline is what gets people to click and view your post.

But, what makes a good headline and how do you know if your headline is actually good? It does for me. Take a look at this pin from Brilliant Business Moms: Mistakes and Fears Okay.

Using someones faults or mistakes may seem a little. This pin has over 1k repins! I know if I read this headline, I would think — Yikes! Let me check and find out!

Create a List

This tells the reader what to do and you typically see it at the end of a blog post or sign up from. But, you can totally use a CTA in your headline! Maggie Patterson knows how to use a CTA in her headline.

This pin has generated over 3k repins! Personalize It Using the first person I, my instead of second person you, your tends to do better on Pinterest.

tips on writing a blog post

Use Proper Formatting Did you know that writing a blog post comes with a set of rules?Blogs, or Web logs, are online journals that are updated frequently, sometimes even daily. An update, (also called an entry or a post) is usually quite short, perhaps just a few sentences, and readers can often respond to an entry online.

People who write blogs are commonly called bloggers.

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Bloggers. Want to know one of the biggest mistakes bloggers make? Writing the post before the headline. Without a headline, they have no roadmap to follow. Do you sound smarter when you use big words? According to a study published in Applied Cognitive Psychology, the answer is no..

In fact, complex writing makes you sound small-minded. Just consider the title of the study: Consequences of erudite vernacular utilized irrespective of necessity: problems with using long words needlessly. Wouldn’t it be . This is a post by Paul Shapiro. Make sure you check out his blog, Search Wilderness and follow him on Twitter.

*** LinkedIn has opened the floodgates to a world of content with their new publishing platform and it’s an amazing way to expose your writing to a highly-professional network of read.

tips on writing a blog post

Writing a blog can be fun, but if you don't know the dos and don't of how to write a blog, you'll never attract a bigger audience. Here are 12 essential tips. These 11 tips will help you write a powerful, and unique Statement of Purpose, improve your application, and your chances of getting into a top university.

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