The lucrative career of sports agents

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The lucrative career of sports agents

Background[ edit ] Tellem was born to a Jewish family [12] and is a native of Philadelphia.

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Years later, for luck on his wedding night, he propped his treasured Hank Greenberg APBA card on the nightstand next to the conjugal bed. He began representing baseball players and also served six seasons — as general counsel of the San Diego Clippersand was instrumental in the franchise's move to Los Angeles in He was an adjunct professor of law at the University of Southern California School of Lawand is on the board of directors of Peace Players International and Seeds of Peaceorganizations that bring together kids from conflict regions around the world to promote tolerance and understanding among the youth in those hot spots.

He oversaw WMG's athlete representation businesses and was involved in the strategic direction of the company.


The following year he helped reliever Ed Farmer beat the Chicago White Sox in a landmark salary arbitration case. Inhe found the "voluntary retirement" loophole in Hideo Nomo 's contract that allowed the veteran pitcher to leave Japan and sign with the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Cohen enlisted Tellem as a partner in a bid to buy the Dodgers. As of the NBA draft, Tellem's firm had represented the most first-round draft picks of any sports marketing and management company for seven straight years.

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At the draft, they had six lottery picks and seven of the first 15 players selected, including Russell WestbrookDanilo Gallinari and Derrick Rosethe No.

Arn, a sophomore at Haverford, had been hired by another California representative, Jerome Waldiea member of the House Judiciary Committee.

The lucrative career of sports agents

The couple has three sons: Michael, Matty and Eric.The 10 Most Lucrative Careers 6. more. now viewing. The 10 Most Lucrative Careers.

What exactly are the Lions paying $135M for?

April 8, Kevin Phillips. now playing. The Internet's Career Therapist. When people think of a typical high-profile career, they often think of lucrative employment at an important insurance firm.

The lucrative career of sports agents

There’s a definite reason for this and it involves a. Career opportunities in the sports industry aren’t limited to those with athletic prowess; there is a wide range of positions in the field for non-athletes too. These jobs support the sports industry by providing mental and physical health services, sales and marketing revenue, and sports media content.

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