The interesting history of new orleans louisiana

A historic city full of nightlife, excellent restaurants, fun things to do and great jazz music, you will fall in love with this old city on the Mississippi River. New Orleans tourism is the primary source of income for this city.

The interesting history of new orleans louisiana

Landscape City layout The city of New Orleans and Orleans parish county are coextensive, occupying a point at the head of the Mississippi River delta at the Gulf of Mexico. The boundaries are formed by the Mississippi River and Jefferson parish to the west and Lake Pontchartrain to the north.

Lake Pontchartrain is connected by The Rigolets channel to Lake Borgne on the east and thence to the gulfand the southern boundary of New Orleans is made up of St. Bernard parish and, again, the Mississippi River. The city is divided by the Mississippi, with the principal settlement on the east bank.

The west bank, known as Algiers, has grown rapidly. The modern metropolis has spread far beyond this original location. Because its saucer-shaped terrain lies as low as 5 to 10 feet 1.

There had long been concern that a powerful storm could inundate the low-lying city; such an event occurred inwhen Hurricane Katrina produced a storm surge that overwhelmed the levees protecting New Orleans, and about four-fifths of the city was flooded.

Less than a month later, a second hurricane passing to the west caused some levees to fail again, flooding a few areas of the city once more.

People The population of New Orleans has been declining. Whites account for less than one-third of the total, whereas in they made up almost two-thirds.

In contrast to the population decline in Orleans parish, the adjacent parishes of St. Bernard, Plaquemines, Jefferson, St.

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John the Baptistand St. Since the African American population in most of the adjacent parishes is quite small, these figures indicate the general trend of white movement to the suburbs typical of most major U.

The shift in population to the suburbs has been motivated less by racial tension although this may play a part than by desires for better and more modern living facilities. The fact that a large segment of the black population resides in declining neighbourhoods some segregated, some integrated has spurred both black and interracial political, social, and religious organizations to work either independently or with city and federal agencies on projects to improve the quality of life for low-income citizens.

The additional fact that New Orleans has upper-class and middle-class black populations has been a significant factor in such projects.

Page 1 of 6.May 09,  · The Battle of New Orleans and Civil War and wait a minute, this is not right." Yes, very confusing.

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When you think about how rich New Orleans' and Louisiana's History is, you can't help but feel the museum missed a great opportunity to impress the visitors and, more importantly, pay tribute to an amazing torosgazete.comon: Chartres St, New Orleans, LA Mardi Gras is a Christian celebration that occurs every year before the onset of Lent and is associated with Louisiana and New Orleans in particular.

It is also known as Carnival in many places around the world, such as Italy and Brazil, and normally involves parades and street parties. The. If New Orleans history was translated to the silver screen, it would be a blockbuster – a story dripping with drama, romance, piracy, intrigue, tragedy, and inspiration.

Volleyed between the French and the Spanish from the late 17th century until the United States bought Louisiana for pennies an acre in , New Orleans is forever shaped by its .

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Jackson Square is a historic park in the French Quarter of New Orleans, Louisiana. It was declared a National Historic Landmark in , for its central role in the city’s history, and as the site where in Louisiana was made United States territory pursuant to the Louisiana Purchase.

There are many hauntings in New Orleans.

The interesting history of new orleans louisiana

In fact, we don't add the "para" to normal activity when we talk about them. For us, it's closer to normal to have a ghost or two in you house. Our house is typical of much of the New Orleans housing stock and was built in the s.

The interesting history of new orleans louisiana

We have a female ghost. Jefferson Parish Louisiana was established in and was named in honor of Thomas Jefferson commemorating his role in purchasing the Louisiana territory from France in The Parish originally extended from present day Felicity Street in New Orleans Louisiana to the St.

Charles Parish line.

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