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Telehealth technology essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Get Access Telehealth in Nursing Practice Essay Sample The last few decades have been marked by tremendous technological advancements providing for ever-increasing possibilities when it comes to transmitting, accessing and storing information.

As many others professions, the nursing profession is embracing technology in an effort to make nursing care more efficient, cost effective and flexible. This paper will explore how telehealth is reaching a wide variety of clients as in hospice, virtual wards and remote cardiac monitoring, thereby offering a safe, affordable and convenient alternative to traditional care.


Telehealth and hospice Telehealth presents patients and their families with choices and flexibility when it comes to end-of-life care. By using elementary technology Fraser Health is, in collaboration with B.

NurseLine, making nursing care more accessible to hospice patients. This arrangement saves patients and their families not only the inconvenience but also the physical and emotional toll of otherwise needless and expensive visits to the emergency room.

Telehealth technology essay

Recognizing the need for access to services after office hours, caregivers for home-based patients are provided with the telephone number to a tele-triage and health information call center, which is open 24 hours a day seven days a week.

Virtual wards A pilot program funded by Croydon Primary Trust is exploring the possibility of providing more affordable care utilizing technology. The program targets patients who are at high risk for hospitalization and offers them an alternative model of treatment Lewis, The virtual ward offers different levels of nursing care to which the patients are assigned in accordance with their condition.

The staff for the virtual ward includes a pharmacist, doctor, social workers, nurses and other healthcare professionals.

A ward administration coordinates communication between the team members and the patients by means of email and telephone.

Telehealth technology essay

The philosophy behind the program is that it is cheaper for heath organizations to concentrate their resources on patients at high risk for hospitalization.

By investing in a coordinated preventive treatment plan; a virtual ward, utilizing the phone and email, expensive hospitalizations are reduced in number, which in turn reduces healthcare costs Lewis, Remote telemetry allows for personnel, whom are not directly involved in patient care, to monitor patient cardiac activity at a central location.

In this model the patient is admitted by a physician and assigned to a monitor nurse. After reviewing the admission information the nurse assesses if the patient is a candidate for remote cardiac monitoring. The monitoring facility is staffed with a monitor technician and supported by the monitor nurse.

In addition, each telemetry unit makes the patients cardiac rhythm available for the monitor nurse and the physician to view. Though remote telemetry has been found to deliver safe and effective monitoring, some discussion still remains.

Conclusion Telehealth nursing can, as with the Canadian pallitative care program, offer a convenient and affordable alternative for delivering nursing intervention and support for the hospice patient and their loved ones.

In addition, telehealth can, as demonstrated by the Croydon program, deliver preventive treatment for patients with a high risk of hospitalization, while models, like the nurse-managed remote telemetry model in Pennsylvania, can resolve facility capacity problems.Telehealth is the use of communication, diagnostic and information technology to provide health care when patients and providers are geographically separated [2], Technologies include videoconferencing, the internet, store -and-forward imaging, streaming media, terrestrial and wireless communications.

Nurses engaged in telehealth nursing practice continue to assess, plan, intervene, and evaluate the outcomes of nursing care, but they do so using technology. In an environment of limited number of nurses, technology can help meet the need to provide nursing care and increase the efficiency of .

Telehealth is defined as “the use of technology to deliver health care, health information or health education at a distance” (“What Is Telehealth?,” n.d., para.

Telehealth: Technology meets health care - Mayo Clinic

1). Although the use of technology changes how nursing care is delivered and may require competencies related to its use to deliver nursing care, the nursing process and scope. Read this essay on Telehealth. Come browse our large digital warehouse of free sample essays.

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Published: 23rd March, "Telehealth technology should be included to fill the gap resulting from an overabundance of patients and a scarcity of healthcare providers" (McGonigle and Mastrian, ).

For example, doctors and nurses can visit with nearly twice the. Telehealth Use in Rural Healthcare Telehealth has great potential to expand access and improve the quality of rural healthcare.

It can reduce burdens for patients, such as travel to receive specialty care, and improve monitoring, timeliness, and communications within the healthcare system. Telehealth technology, implemented in the SD.

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