Samarkand essay

Samarkand Click to enlarge If it is said that a paradise is to be seen in this world, then the paradise of this world is Samarkand.

Samarkand essay

Click here for audio of Episode Today, paper makes a long journey. A word to consider next time you open a new ream of shiny white paper is the Arabic word rizmah.

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It means a bale or a bundle. The Spanish made rizmah into resma, and the Samarkand essay made reyme of it. It finally became the English word ream -- a bundle of twenty quires or sheets of paper. That word-trail matches the trail of paper almost perfectly as it moved from the east to the west.

The Chinese invented paper in 49 BC. They began using it as a writing material in AD By the seventh century, the use of paper had spread east to Japan and west to Samarkand. That was just after Islam had begun spreading outward from the mid-East.

Samarkand essay

Paper and Islam converged when Arab forces reached Samarkand, where paper had been in use for just two generations. Under Arab rule, Samarkand became a paper-making center. All paper is made of plant fibers of one sort or another, and Samarkand paper was made of mulberry fiber.

Two recollections linger with me after my visit to Samarkand years ago.

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They are the beautiful mosques and air heavy with the smell of mulberry. The Arabs also made paper centers of Baghdad and Damascus. The intellectual center of the world had, for a long time, been the city of Alexandria at the mouth of the papyrus-rich Nile Delta.

But, in the 8th century, intellectual ascendancy passed to Baghdad, and it came to rest on the new writing medium of paper. Historian Jonathan Bloom drives home the importance of that fact. Before we had cheap and abundant paper, arithmetic involved erasing and shifting numbers -- operations that could be done on slate, but not paper.

In ADArab mathematician al-Uqlidisi used Indian algorithms to create neat once-through methods that could be done on paper. Paper drove the creation of our methods for doing multiplication and long division.Samarkand Essay Samarkand and the neighboring city Bukhara were oases along the valley of the Zeravshan River.

Agriculture thrived in the region from the eighth century b.c.e. Formerly known as ancient Afrasiab, the city was founded during the seventh century b.c.e.

Samarkand was surrounded by walls and was famous for its opulent architecture. Samarkand is one of the oldest and most important cities amongst the many in the historic region of Central Asia known as Transoxiana.

Located in the Zerafshan River valley, the city enjoys the benefits of abundant natural resources and occupies as well a key place on the trade routes of Central Asia.

Samarkand: Samarkand, city in east-central Uzbekistan that is one of the oldest cities of Central Asia.

Samarkand essay

Known as Maracanda in the 4th century bce, it was the capital of Sogdiana and was captured by Alexander the Great in bce. The city was later ruled by Central Asian Turks (6th century ce), the Arabs (8th.

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Article shared by: Several cit­ies such as Bukhara, Khiva, Kokand, and Samarkand were cultural, political and trade centers for centuries.

Although a large part of the country is occupied by the extensive desert of Kyzl Kum, some of the world’s richest irrigated oases exist m a narrow band of densely populated. Essay about samarkand city map.

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