Rap and country music compare and contrast

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Rap and country music compare and contrast

Primarily, the two genres of music have a strong history, efferent types of their music, and a unique use of the performer and Instruments, and at times they both romance the opposite sex. This highly original and Innovative approach displayed a new expanded function for the MAC microphone controller or emcee and highlighted amazing percussion riffs and other rhythmic drum breaks from popular funk and disco music.

It evolved rapidly in the sass and will celebrate the century mark soon.

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However, in the Southwestern United States a new cowboy twist was added to this Incredible music which later became the western music of the term country and western.

Although, histories re strong and different; the two have other similarities such as multiple forms of music. Old solo Rap Is described as the beginning of recorded hip hop music between the years of It ended around when Cool Moe Dee used a more complex style to disused; a then, arrogant Busy Bee at a Harlem night club.

With the emergence of Public Enemy P.

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Of these lyrics, from this era, Chuck Doff P. Following, the afro-centric era, Gangs Rap surfaces which reflected a violent lifestyles of Inner-city black youths.

Rap and country music compare and contrast

It may not be traditional instruments but it is a technique to play music. Basically, these two gentlemen of different genre of music are looking forward to the same thing… To romance the opposite sex.

Both share a strong history, multiple forms of music, a unique use of the performers and 4 instruments, and they have lyrics to romance the opposite sex. But, how about Rap?Free Day Tech Support: This item is eligible for FREE Tech Support for 60 days from the date of delivery.

Over the phone, our trained technicians can help you set up, configure, connect, and troubleshoot so you can start enjoying your new purchase. Back in March, country music Outlaw David Allan Coe was in a horrific accident where his black Suburban was broadsided by a semi truck in Ocala, Fl.

Coe suffered cracked ribs and bruised kidneys in the accident, but was able to recover to perform again.

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Country (western) and rap (hip-hop) are most likely at the top of the list of being dissimilar.


Country, originally brought up in the south is still very rural while rap is more of an urban style of music, originally performed on the two coastal regions (L.A and New York) where it developed its two styles of rap. The comments at the concert beginning a Dixie Chicks world tour sparked off possibly the biggest black balling in the history of American music.

Spoken 10 days before the beginning of the Iraq War, the backlash took the Dixie Chicks from the biggest concert draw in country music to relative obscurity in country music.

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