Netsurf business plan

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Netsurf business plan

The Goan caught up with him Story: Karan Sehgal 08th May Netsurf Communications is an unusual name for a company, which is into direct selling of natural and herbal products.

Could you tell us how did it come about? We started an e-commerce company, which is called Netsurf Communications.

netsurf business plan

But, our direct selling company is called Netsurf Network Dot Com. Besides, we have our own technological platform, as we have developed an ERP enterprise resource planning system for direct selling. Netsurf business plan is your direct selling different from say, Amway?

In a way, all direct selling is same. Second, our focus on technology is much more than Amway. Subsequently, other companies also created a system like this, but we were the first one.

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A major concern while buying natural or health care products is how we know that it is indeed natural or herbal. How do you deal with it? This is where our direct selling model is helping us.

Our direct selling agents can reach out to our consumers and personally explain to them that our products are indeed natural and herbal. In the last 18 months alone, we created 60 product training videos.

These videos tell you exactly which ingredient was used in a product and how our products are genuinely natural and herbal. We even created a mobile app two years ago and all our 75, distributors have downloaded it.

These agents use our digital content and mobile app to push information about our products on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp. We combine technology, products and direct selling in a unique way through a compelling business model. How does Goa fit into overall scheme of things for your company?

We had decent business in Goa ten years ago. Somehow, we got drifted, as we started consolidating in geographies we were strong in.

But, Goa was always on our mind. Now, we intend setting up an independent set up in Goa itself, which will have three stock points and we see a great future in Goa in agriculture because of cashew. Besides that, we will also be selling our personal and healthcare products in Goa through our distributors.

How does cashew fit into picture? We manufacture organic farming products. Now, compared to chemical products, organic products are initially more expensive. Therefore, it is easier for us to sell our farming products for a cash crop like cashew.

Cashew sells at Rs a kg, which means that it will be easy for cashew farmers to buy our product. What kind of organic farming products do you have for cashew farmers? Well, we manufacture growth promoters, which are organic in nature. We make bio pesticides as well.

Recently, Goa government introduced a subsidy for cultivators of organic products, which is an open invitation for us to do business here. What do you make of agriculture scene in Goa?

There is enough potential for our products in Goa. There is around 1,35, acres of land under cashew cultivation in the state.Nov 27,  · Montage Montages Montecristo montepremi MONTER Month Monthly MOON Moonduck mOOnGLaDe morgana Morishita Morning Morocco Morphling Morris Morty moscow 5 Moscow5 Motherboard Motion Motivacional Motivation Motivational Moto MotoGP Motovlog7 MOU Mountain mounting mouse Mousesports MOUZ Move Movements Moves Movie MOVIES Movin Moving .

Know More about Netsurf Communications Pvt Ltd with information of turnover and no of employees. Also get contact details of Key Executives with Business Email Id. Also get contact details of Key Executives with Business Email Id.

Free company summary for NETSURF MEDIA LIMITED including Companies house registration, overview of business activities, contact details, social networks, website, phone numbers, trading addresses and event history. I'm sure it must be me missing the obvious as usual.

So I'm asking here before contacting the developers. I can't seem to be able to turn Foreground images off in NetSurf, the option is greyed out. Netsurf business is easy to start and offers different roles to choose from that helps one to grow while traversing from one role to the other.

Netsurf business plan well fits in legal framework of Direct Selling Industry. You are interested in Netsurf Business opportunity to *: Earn while Networking Earn while retailing our products Earn while consuming our products.

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