Law research paper competition

Simpson R Authorizes the sale of health insurance by out-of-state insurers; provides for more limited regulation of policies; provides for oversight by the insurance commissioner; provides for cooperation by the insurance commissioner with other states with consistent insurance laws; specifies legislative intent to pursue a multi-state consortium to enter into reciprocal agreements to reduce health insurance costs through removal of duplicative regulation. Crump R Arizona considered a proposal HB which would allow out-of-state health insurers to transact business in AZ if they are subject to the jurisdiction of another state's insurance department. Relates to purchase of health or sickness insurance; would provide that insurers that issues policies, contracts, plans, coverages or evidences of coverage and that are domiciled outside of this State may transact health or sickness insurance in this State if the insurer provides evidence to the Director that while providing health or sickness insurance the insurer is subject to the jurisdiction of another State's Insurance Department.

Law research paper competition

Manav Malhotra November 13, To elaborate, recognize trends that are contributing towards a serious environmental issue that may disrupt the lives of people and harm their health, including that of the environment, if they are not stopped or actions are not taken soon to check the damage.

Research on this issue by considering the environmental and legal aspects of it. This topic will take considerable research as you will be working to identify possible environmental issues that have not happened yet, but are foreseeable due to the blatant environmental disregard and non-adherence to environmental laws.

It is advisable that you research on such an environmental issue in your local area or area of residence. It could be an environmental breach that affects the soil, land, water, air, thermal, industrial, noise, light, human and animal health, biodiversity etc. This competition is for the welfare of the country and the efforts of the applicants will make a small step into ensuring that an issue such as the toxic smog issue in Delhi, UP and Haryana does not take place in the near future.

Firstly, email with your details and a short brief on the topic of your proposes Research Paper or Article. Only Applicants who are seriously interested in Environmental Law and want to contribute judiciously should apply.

This competition is not a CV-building exercise but a serious assignment. Authors are requested to adhere to following word limit: A uniform style of the citation must be strictly adhered to while submitting the paper.

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The content of the Research Papers should be original and no plagiarized material will be selected for publication. Only full papers submitted on or before the deadline shall be considered for publication.

Co-authorship of two applicants is allowed. One of the authors is required to be a college student, while the other may be a legal practitioner. All manuscripts submitted shall accompany: Send to Email address: First Prize Best Research Paper: Alternatively, email on cholamandalip gmail.Open Theme: Any Topic related To law.

Instructions for Paper Submission. The only Published paper will be considered for the 8th research paper writing competition. Failure to publication fees leads to disqualification/removal of paper from both publication and research paper writing competition.

View Competition Law Research Papers on for free. highlighting a more general issue of European competition law, the paper takes issue with the concept of ‘competition on the merits’ suggesting that there could be merit in considering the concept in the context of the actual facts of the individual case at hand and not in.

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Law research paper competition

Find research guides and other resources by topic, from Administrative Law to World Trade Law. Kluwer Competition Law (E-Resource) Arbitration. International Commercial Arbitration (Research Guide) Finding a Paper Topic (Research Guide) HLS Dissertations, Theses, and Third Year Papers.

One of the events for this international conference is a Research Paper competition that is open to all law students throughout the law schools in India. Themes The themes for the Research Paper would be the same as the themes for the conference and they are as follows –. Wake Forest Law offers a variety of courses in many areas of legal theory and practice.

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