Iris van herpen exhibition utrecht

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Iris van herpen exhibition utrecht

The exhibition offers an overview of her work from to the present.


A selection of her most recent work, such as Capriole and the Micro collection that is to be shown in Januarywill also be on display. Iris van Herpen, Crystallization, Julyphotography: A year later, she was nominated for the prestigious Createurope: The Fashion Academy Award.

Iris van herpen exhibition utrecht

In conjunction with United Nude, she launched a limited-edition shoe line in Inthe 3-D dress that she designed was acclaimed by TIME Magazine as one of the fifty best inventions of the year.

With these she creates sculptural effects with an astonishing visual impact, which appear both organic and futuristic. Creating a new silhouette is important in her work.

Van Herpen regards fashion as a form of self-expression in which she translates her associations and fascinations with everyday reality into a collection. Each collection has its own narrative, and wearability is not the ultimate criterion.

For instance, Radiation Invasion is about the invisible radiation and signals all around us that make telecommunication possible. The Synesthesia collection has a neurological phenomenon as its point of departure, where a mingling of sensory perceptions occurs.

The outfits that the Groninger Museum acquires in this domain are museum pieces with sculptural and conceptual qualities that stimulate further reflection on the phenomenon of fashion.

Book To accompany the exhibition, the first book on Iris van Herpen will be published. This volume contains an overview of all her collections up to the present, as well as an essay by fashion journalist Jean Paul Cauvin.

Iris van herpen exhibition utrecht

The book will be issued in conjunction with BAi Publishers. Compilation The Iris van Herpen exhibition has been compiled by Sue-an van der Zijpp, curator of present-day art, and Mark Wilson, chief curator.Assistant at developing and creating the exhibition 'The New Craftmanship, Iris van Herpen and her inspiration' () (research, writing for the publication, building the exhibition) Assistant at the 'fashion and film' project of the Nederlands Film Festival in collaboration with the Centraal torosgazete.comtions: May 14,  · This documentary was made for the exhibition The new craftsmanship | Iris van Herpen and her inspiration, 29 June until 9 October in Centraal Museum Utrecht.

Publication Iris van Herpen’s Hi-Tech Couture, The New Yorker, New York, Online and in Print; Review Exhibition 2 Photographers, 1 Camera, Parool, Amsterdam, Verhullen / Onthullen Hogeschool van Utrecht, Utrecht, The Netherlands (book publication) Books-Publications.

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Brands: Marni, Iris Van Herpen, Derek Lam, Emma Cook, Markus Lupfer, Rebecca Minkoff Utrecht en omgeving, Nederland.

D e n n i s B e r g s m Senior Visual Merchandiser. Assistant at developing and creating the exhibition 'The New Craftmanship, Iris van Herpen and her inspiration' () (research, writing for the publication, building the exhibition)Industry: Museums and Institutions.

Iris van Herpen to present her first art exhibit in the US "Iris van Herpen: Transforming Fashion" will be the Dutch designer's first major exhibit in the US.

2013 Hand Made-Boijmans van Beuningen

It will go on show in Atlanta from Nov. 7 to May 15, , before touring other North American institutions. Apr 24,

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