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About Us Entrepreneurship Cell of IIM Indore also known as E-cell is committed to encouraging, motivating and crystallizing new and innovative ideas from the campus. The primary motive for the existence of E-cell is to motivate participants towards the path of entrepreneurship by facilitating a channel of valuable resources using which they can develop their ideas into effective business plans.

Iim indore macro

IPMATas usual, did live up to its expectations. As expected, the exam was divided into 3 sections with equal sectional time limits of 40 minutes each.

No technical glitches or any such issues reported from any centre, so it is safe to assume that the exam conduction process was perfect. Verbal Ability section has consistently maintained similar pattern and level of difficulty. This is one reason why cut-off in this section goes really high.

Last year, minimum raw score to get qualified for interview call in this section was out So one has to do justice to the preparation of this section. Moreover, this year, the time allotted for the verbal section has reduced by 5 minutes, so to score, from this section will only get tougher.

Quantitative ability section has been divided into two parts and hence the expectation is clear. From MCQ based section, one can expect extensive coverage of questions on various topics from algebra to arithmetic to geometry, coordinate geometry and Data Interpretation.

Whereas from Short Answer based questions, one can expect a good quality word problems where a student will have to think through the case, apply proper approach and do the required calculations before arriving at the answer, which should also be precise in value.

So the approach should have been to maximise score from MCQ based question whereas, in Short answer based question, one must ensure that they do the minimum required in order to get a good platform at least.

Verbal Ability Total questions: The first passage was on behavioural habits of different species of birds and the second one highlighted the ill effects of social media in our social life. Examples of Facebook and Google would have made students realise the message that author wanted to convey.

Length of the passages ranged from to words appx. Ideally, both these passages could have been attempted in 12 to 13 minutes. Second biggest zone of questions were questions based on the application of Vocabulary. This was not surprising as except forVocabulary has been a dominant subsection in Verbal Ability.

This year, there were around 13 questions divided into two types of questions viz Cloze Test Fill in the Blanks and Word usage. Level of difficulty and choice of words in Cloze tests were easy and direct.

In fact, there was no need to even eliminate the wrong options. However, the same was not the case with Word usage based questions.

Students were required to identify inappropriate usage of words among the given sentences. Weightage of Grammar-based questions remained almost constant.

However, there was a newer variety of questions finding alternative phrases which can replace the part of given sentence, apart from routine Sentence correction questions.

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There were around 4 questions of each of these types. Sentence correction based questions can be considered as easy, whereas the other ones were little tricky. Logical Continuation and Para-jumbles having 4 questions each, completed rest of the section.

Though both these varieties of questions were easy to moderate, Para-jumbles based questions were non-mcq. So students had to key in the correct combination of options and this is what made it little tricky. Most of these questions were word problems having multiple concepts in each question.

Most of these questions were time-consuming and calculative too. Thankfully, the online calculator was available this time. Again most of these questions were lengthy and calculative. A couple of questions in Geometry involved theoretical concept checking like the question on angle bisectors of parallelogram makes what type of geometrical figure.

Options were also little tricky in such questions. Most of the above-mentioned topic had interconnected concept based questions for eg. This increases the level of difficulty as well as time taken per question.

In fact, attempts might also reduce because a student may be familiar with the concept of Progression but may not be good with Logarithms. Surprisingly, questions from basic arithmetic were negligible. There was one set on Data Interpretation having 4 questions on the basis of tabulated data.

All questions were on basic concepts like Percentages, Ratio, and Averages. This compensated the deficit as mentioned above.India Macro Advisors offers an independent and unbiased economic analysis on the Indian economy.

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Iim indore macro

Psychology, Sociology, Political The interview panel comprises well–qualified professors from IIM Indore and other prestigious institutions. The interview judges the students’ level of confidence, communication skills.

IIM Indore in association with NEN (National Entrepreneurship Network) and torosgazete.com organized a day-long workshop on "Business Ideas and Opportunity Evaluation" on Sunday, 25th October at.

IIM Bangalore the runner-up OpenTap, ITI EdVest tie upto boost education lending OpenTap, a Chennai-headquartered start-up that focusses on the alternative. Indian Institute of Management (IIM)-Indore, Indore, India (July – onwards) Teaching exp.

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Iim indore macro

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