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What tribes are you from? Which one should I use? They all refer to the same people. So Native Americans are all indigenous people, but not all indigenous people are Native Americans.

I do my homework yet

Are Annuities Right for You? Some in the media and, sadly, many of the people who sell financial products tend to lump the different types of annuities together as though they were all the same. Many take a complex topic and broad-brush it — leaving out the positives or the negatives of each product in whatever way best serves their purpose.

Advertisement So, what is an annuity? The purchaser provides money sometimes as a lump sum, sometimes as a series of payments and the insurance company promises to pay that money back over time as a lump sum or series of payments, plus interest gains.

There are also fixed annuities, indexed annuities and variable annuities. Each fills a different niche. With an immediate annuity, you give a company a lump sum of money, and they spit out payments to you for a predetermined amount of time. It could be 10 years or a lifetime, depending on the contract.

Immediate annuities can provide a fixed or variable stream of income, depending on the type you purchase. With a deferred annuity, you purchase the contract from an insurance company and let it grow tax-deferred until the date stated in your contract.

The advantage is that your money keeps growing until that date with an internal rate of return. And again, you can have either a fixed or variable i.

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They become a little bit more multifaceted in what they do. The fixed annuity One of those is the fixed annuity, which provides a fixed payout on a regular basis. Individuals will always know exactly what they will be receiving from their annuity. Fixed annuities pay guaranteed rates of interest, and that interest is tax-deferred — a big plus.

But you also should take inflation into account when considering this type of annuity. With rising interest rates potentially causing bond prices to fall, these can add another layer of diversification to the low-risk portion of your investment portfolio.

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The fixed index annuity A newer annuity product that people are talking about is the fixed index annuity, which has attributes of a fixed and a variable annuity. You get the principal protection of a fixed annuity, but, like a variable annuity, you have an opportunity to see higher gains if the stock market rises.

Critics tend to focus on high commissions or the fine print in complicated contracts. However, in rare cases insurance companies may lower the cap, and sources often skew the reasoning for that.

These are not merely arbitrary caps — they are reflective of the options-purchasing ability of the annuity carrier. The carrier will not directly invest in the index you choose: It will buy options on indexes so that if the index hits its written target price, it can pay the owner of the contract.Professional College Homework Help for Students.

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i do my homework yet

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