How to write a crisis communication press release

When the bad news is something the general public needs to know about, such as the death of a celebrity or a national crisis, a press release is often required. Delivering bad news through a press release is often difficult, but with a little planning and effective use of tact, you can write a press release that will frame the bad news in the best possible light. Follow standard press release format. This means placing the headline in title case.

How to write a crisis communication press release

There is almost nothing better than the surge of adrenaline that comes from juggling a crisis, dealing with hoards of people asking you questions, and staying up all night working through issues.

how to write a crisis communication press release

I remember having to work all weekend when Hostess found asbestos in one of their plants. We had to call as many customers as they had phone numbers for and ask them to throw away their boxes of Twinkies.

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This clearly was before the Interwebz and social media. It was really great experience to talk to customers—who were very grateful for the personal phone call—but also to sit in the large conference room and listen to the partners advise the clients. It used to be opportunities like these were few and far between, unless that was your communications specialization.

Today, though, a crisis can erupt while the community manager is sleeping…and be completely out-of-control by the time he or she rolls over and checks their phone early the next morning. Think about Paula DeenSusan G.


Melissa is going to give you the nuts and bolts you need to create a crisis communications plan, including: She also has lots of case studies that provide examples of what you should do…and what not to do. MT, and 9 a. Customers Go Rogue Melissa is going to prepare you to be ready for the new rules of crisis communications, to listen, to respond, and to regain control in a crisis gone viral.

If the idea of one of your customers going rogue scares you, this webinar is for you.A press advisory is similar to a press release, with the difference being that press advisories can be used for background information to your media contacts.

The format is basically the same as that of a press release.

how to write a crisis communication press release

For an example of a press advisory, see the Tools section. Follow up with the media. A crisis can happen to any business. It can be a dramatic event, such as a natural disaster, an employee scandal or even just a rumor that captures media attention.

Your Crisis Communication Plan Document

Your best defense against a. How to Write a Crisis Communication Press Release Published on Jul 24, Email Save When a crisis happens, effective communication is one of the steps that must accompany the specific actions. From a customer service standpoint, crisis communication planning is a critical part of being prepared to deal with crises that directly involve your customers: server issues, security breaches, or anything else that causes a significant issue on the user experience front.

When it comes to crisis management, communication is the key to any organization’s success in response to serious undesired events. It may not be your direct role to write press releases or.

After all, press conferences are designed to afford two-way communication, so the story you have been “called” to write may be very different from the one you submit and the one that is eventually disseminated to your audience.

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