Enagic business plan

Click Here to learn more. When you have a job and work for someone else, you earn linear income.

Enagic business plan

Menu Why consider the Enagic Business Program? LOL Having viewed the above video you probably want to know just how Enagic accomplishes this result.

enagic business plan

So I add a video that explains the Compensation Plan. And it is simple to understand. So each customer receives an ID number for Referring others. When you become a customer, you become a Potential Business.

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No pressure, no Hassle, No Bother. But if you have someone want a machine, because you let them experience the water, you have the right to refer them and receive a commission. BTW, about 10 referrals is enough to pay your machine off. About 10 referrals will recover the full cost of your Machine!

Can you believe that? A Lifetime supply of Healthy Drinking water that only required making a decision to purchase and then share the Water with others!

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The original plan rewarded people for a one time success and they could retire without helping the company grow. Actually, A person who quits doing referrals may become inactive for years and suddenly realize the value of their accomplishment, and with the first sale, they are fully restored! Obviously, this only applies to those who are serious Entrepreneurs.

All I have to do is help people gain a personal experience with the water for a short period of time and let the water do the rest. People who have discovered a Truth for themselves have a testimony to share and they do.

Not Promoting people, just sharing the possibility of what the water might do for them. See a complete demonstration of just how powerful this water is!

Kangen Water® is alkaline water that you can enjoy in your home.

Author blogger Posted on.It is also an OPPORTUNITY for Enagic distributors to discover true financial health with an additional income stream. Enagic has designed the Kangen Ukon DD Program to work WITH your Kangen Water business and help promote you faster.

Licensing information is provided in the BBB Business Profiles to inform the public about industries that may require professional licensing, bonding, or torosgazete.comry: Commercial Products Wholesale & Distributor.

Sep 07,  · The Enagic Compensation plan pays affiliates to sell Kangen water machines, sponsor members and have retail customers to sell to. The compensation plan structure is Uni-level with performance based bonuses/5.

Success stories of the Enagic business, selling Kangen water machines: For example: You are 1A with two direct sales. You become 2A when you sell a 3rd unit. Enagic Compensation Plan from The Wellness Wave on Vimeo. The chart below will give you an idea on how you can rise in rank with the sale of SD units alone.

Compensation Plan: Top Distributor: Summary: Receive your own FREE Business Opportunity Leads in your country by promoting your own MLM company or Enagic business opportunity by submitting a guest post today: Your Company.

Enagic Business Review

All about You and your MLM Company. Your featured Image. Enagic Compensation Plan Chart October 30, Eva 0 Comments A unit owner qualifies for paid distribution points depending educational allowance enagic units sold distributors business opportunity true mental physical and financial health as a result you will receive mission every 4 months for each ukon dd customer within only few business.

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