Computer science terms dictionary

A[ edit ] Abstract data type — ADT is a mathematical model for data typeswhere a data type is defined by its behavior semantics from the point of view of a user of the data, specifically in terms of possible values, possible operations on data of this type, and the behavior of these operations. This contrasts with data structureswhich are concrete representations of data, and are the point of view of an implementer, not a user. Abstract method — is one with only a signature and no implementation body.

Computer science terms dictionary

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Request A Demo Online Computer Science Glossary Computer science is the integration of principles and applications of technologies that are required to provide access to information. This science revolves around studying the structure and expressions of algorithms, which are then used to solve complex problems.

To excel at and understand computer science, it is important to understand industry terminology. By learning the basic terminology used in computer sciences, other, more complicated concepts will be easier to understand. Below is a list of popular computer science terminology. An application is a set of codes designed to allow specific tasks to happen.

Microsoft Windows and Internet Explorer are common examples. Its sole responsibility is to run specific applications within the network.

An array is similar data saved on a computer system in a sequential form. It gives the computer a platform to run the software using a floppy disk or a hard disk.

Bit is Binary Digit. It refers to a digit number, either a 0 or a 1. The binary digit is used to represent computerized data. An expression, the value of which is either true or false. Buffer is a location, especially in RAM, for storage of temporary data to speed up an operation such as disk access or printing.

A bus is a set of wires that enables flow of data from one location of the computer to another. Eight bits is equal to 1 byte. It defines how an auxiliary program and a Web server would communicate.

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A group of objects having same operations and attributes is defined as a class. A client is a program that asks for information from other processes or programs. Outlook Express is a great example of a client. It is the battery powered chip that is situated on the Motherboard that retains system information such as date and time.

Data refers to the information that is saved on a computer. It is a command line operating system launched by Bill Gates. Desk Top Publisher ing is a term that describes a program that enables users to create, design, and print items such as business cards, birthday cards, letterheads, calendars, invitations, and so on.

Environment refers to the interaction among all factors external to a physical platform. An environment is made of specific software, hardware, and network protocols that allow communication with the system. It is an interface of JAVA responsible for handling events.

It resembles a table of contents so that files can be located on a computer.

Computer science terms dictionary

Hardware or software failure. It is an interface through which a program can be accessed by common users.

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Hardware is a set of physical objects such as monitor, keyboard, mouse, and so on. Icon is a small visual display of an application which can be activated by clicking on it.

It stands for Integrated Development Environment. IDE is a programming system that combines several tools of programming to provide an integrated platform for programming.With more than Computer Terms and lots of pictorial representation of formulas, this Computer Science Dictionary defines all the technical terms from elementary to professional level/5(K).

Computer Science Dictionary - Concepts Terms Have you ever been in a conversation where people speak Computer Science terms and you found it difficult to understand. Did you try to shake away your head and smiled when faced with such an awkward situation and wished to know the meaning of terms found in your career.

A Labautopedia compendium of words and terms related to computer science and computer programming. Click on linked terms for more detail.

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However, glossaries like this one are useful for looking up, comparing and reviewing large numbers of terms together. You can help enhance this page by adding new terms or . The Tech Terms Computer Dictionary. Search. Look up definitions of computer and Internet terms. September. 9. Term of the Day: Power Cycle.

While the phrase "power cycle" appears to be a noun, it is actually more commonly used as a verb. In simple terms, to power cycle a device means to turn it off and turn it back on again.

A Simpli ed Computer Science Glossary Dr. Robert B. Heckendorn Computer Science Department, University of Idaho October 6, Here is a very simple glossary of computer science terms.

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