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I know conventional mattresses are full of toxins we breathe while sleeping.

Buy research chemicals 2014 super

Cockroaches will die from plain ole dish detergent and water mixture. Trust me it will work. Just mix it in a spray bottle and spray. It is harmlwss to animals, but I still use caution.

I place it near where I see the activity. Tim says May 12, at 8: Make it into dough balls and place them under and behind appliances and any where you see roaches and where pets and children can not get to it. The roaches will eat the mix and carry it back to their nest and it will kill them. Works on all species of roaches……….

Tammy says May 30, at We tried borax, bombs, spraying regularly, nothing worked. It is put into a syringe type of thing and put right along the edge of places they go, like right above the sink where it meets the backsplash and such.

It is brown and not attractive, but the bugs think it is food and take it back to the nest to share. We had zero problems after that. I do think we bug bombed when he first put it out, but that only killed what live ones there were, not their offspring. That bug bait really did the trick.

The other problem with bug bombs — it just sends them somewhere else temporarily, then they spread and still come back, not to mention coating everything you own with nasty chemicals.

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They breathe through their exoskeleton, so if they are coated in something, they will die. You can spray them enough to knock them down, and try to throw them out of a window without getting stung, but that only works about half the time or less.

I have used Pam, hairspray, and Dow Bathroom Cleaner my personal favorite to get rid of them. So far, no wasps in the house for the second year in a row knock on wood — after using spray foam to fill those gaps on the outside of the house.

Beth Carney says June 4, at 6: I had an exterminator tell me it was the same stuff he used. Looks like a giant syringe.

Can get it at Wal-mart. Use it around and under sinksboth kitchen and bathroom, around the tub or shower and toilet. Also can be used in food pantry without cnotaminating food.

buy research chemicals 2014 super

This is the only thing I can use because I am allergic to all the sprays and foggers. July 17, at They will keep coming at you! So far am having to use Raid type product if they get in the house. DJ says August 16, at 4: It is made by Johnson Wax Proffessional Grade.

I fill it with water and a little dish soap. I stick the nozzle out of the barely opened front door and spray with the nozzle set to stream…works everytime.

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buy research chemicals 2014 super

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