An introduction to health clubs

What is the Bulldog Club of America's position on breed health? For over years the BCA and its member clubs have focused on maintaining the breed standard by breeding for good health, conformation and temperament, while continuously promote the health and welfare of the breed. Information on conformation, breeding ethics, and the care, health and training of the Bulldog is readily available on this website. During this century we have seen significant improvement in the health of Bulldogs.

An introduction to health clubs

What used to be only weight rooms, stationary bikes and a few racquetball courts has expanded to include aquatic sport and exercise facilities, smoothie bars and food services, day care facilities, and soccer fields.

The greatest impediment to achieving water savings in this sector is the common disconnect between the person that pays the water bills, the owner and manager, and the various contractors that maintain the facility and equipment. Water saving potential is enormous, but success implementation requires a cooperative effort from everyone involved.

The common water conserving opportunities are as follows. Landscape Irrigation Turf on playing fields requires an average of 40 to 60 inches Most of this water is required during summer months 1.

Unlike trees and shrubs, turf grasses have very little capacity to store water and withstand drought periods. Turf fields usually needs water applied at least twice per week in the summer. An introduction to health clubs deficit in rainfall must be supplanted with irrigation.

An introduction to health clubs

This annual gross water needs equates to more than 1. Net irrigation needs depends on the amount of rainfall during the growing season. In September, the grass needs only half the water 0. Most irrigators fail to set back the irrigation schedule properly after July.

Proper irrigation schedules alone can conserve more thangallons m3 of water per year, without costly irrigation system replacements.

Weather based irrigation controllers WBIC can assist in properly adjusting the irrigation schedule. Optimizing the water efficiency usually requires proper scheduling of the irrigation, and improving irrigation uniformity by hardware change outs. A water audit, conducted by a trained professional, is required to determine the proper equipment needed spray heads, water pressure regulators, controller, station separations, etc.

Weather based irrigation controllers WBIC can automatically adjust irrigation schedules to local conditions, but must be installed and set up properly to achieve any water savings.

Irrigation equipment only provides the tools for water efficiency; the tools must be used properly. The frequency of toilet flushes per toilet is often greater than home toilets, although the frequency is highly variable from facility to facility.

It is reasonable to assume an average of 2 to 4 flushes per person per 8 hour shift for workers; and 1 to 3 flushes per customer, guest or member. Every facility is unique in its flushing frequency.

While it is reasonable to use average toilet usage estimates for program planning; performing toilet retrofit projections on individual facilities requires calculations based on unique site data.

A sample calculation might be: The predominate type of toilet in health club facilities is flushometer valve toilets and pressure-assist toilets, though gravity-tank toilets are found occasionally. Both the bowl and the flush valve of the flushometer valve toilets must be replaced to assure water savings and adequate flushing performance.

Wall-mounted flushometer valve toilets are the most commonly found in new buildings; while floor mounted toilets are more common in older buildings.

As with all toilets in the commercial sector, there are a few extras items to consider: Building maintenance staff must be trained to only use the proper parts when servicing the flush valves, or all water savings will be negated.

Replacement options include the 1. Sensor-activated flush mechanisms often result in more frequent toilet flushing than manual flush valves. There is no evidence the sensor-activated valves save water.


If installing dual-flush toilets, it is wise to post instructions for the toilet users. Disposable seat covers and paper towels are the most common causes of clogged toilets. Consider alternate methods of hygiene sanitizers, continuous roll seat cover dispensers, hot air dryers, etc.

Flushing performance is very important for success. Refer the MaP testing before selecting new toilets. Frequency of use is determined by calculating the quantity of male 8-hour shifts, quantity of male customers, the average urinal flush per man, and the quantity of urinals.

Keep in mind that athletic activities often inspires consumption of liquid refreshments; thus, incurring more frequent flushing. There are many options now for urinal replacements; from simply replacing the flush valve to reduced flows, to replacing the entire fixture with a high-efficiency urinal HEUwhich includes both flushing and non-water urinals.

All options vary in the costs and benefits. In many cases, marginal water savings can be achieved by simply retrofitting the urinal flush valve to a lower GPF diaphragm on flushometer valve urinals, though some older urinals will not properly function at these reduced flows.

Unfortunately, this type of valve-only retrofit can be easily and mistakenly reverted back to the higher flush volume during routine maintenance.

Much consideration is needed to determine the best retrofit or replacement for any given restroom.

An introduction to health clubs

To assure water savings are sustained over time, the best strategy is to replace the entire urinal and flush valve with an HEU e.Living a Healthy Life -- Wellness and Physical Fitness. Classes: Introduction > Take the Test > Nutrition and Meal Preparation > Exercise and Physical Fitness > Prevention and Regular Check-Ups > Special Considerations > Conclusion.

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Introduction. Sport is one of the most popular leisure-time activities among young people, and is often organized in the form of sports clubs or extracurricular athletics at schools [1,2].Because of the increasing number of children and young people participating in organized sport all over the world, sports clubs and young athletes have become an important target for societal interventions.

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Health Clubs and Recreation Centers Introduction. Health clubs and recreation centers are part of a growing industry, and their water consumption grows as they expand their services.

Living a Healthy Life -- Wellness and Physical Fitness: Introduction