An analysis of tim burtons use of colors and size in the movie edward scissorhands

His Christmas courtesy of Sparky from Alice from Alice in mind, more importantly the movies and characters Kingdom Hearts wikia Frankenweenie Wonderland courtesy courtesy of comicbook. Take his flm Edward movies. Or what about his versions of the Batman mov- his flms use.

An analysis of tim burtons use of colors and size in the movie edward scissorhands

Alice in Wonderland Alice Kingsleigh Mia Wasikowska is the daughter of Charles Kingsleigh Marton Csokasa wealthy man who planned to find profitable shipping routes through the world in the 19th century.

When she tells him of her adventures in Wonderland later to be revealed as 'Underland'he declares her mad, but that all the best people are. However, many years afterward, Charles has passed away, and Alice misses his playful attitude.

Now feeling trapped in a world of proper etiquette for one such as herself, Alice is taken to a garden party, where it is hoped that she will accept a marriage proposal from Hamish Leo Billthe son of one of her father's business partners.

However, Alice soon grows distracted seeing a rabbit with a waistcoat nearby, and rushes after the strange creature. Following it, she finds her way to the trunk of an old tree some ways off, and falls down a hole. The hole leads her to a strange room, of which she finds a key, as well as a drink that makes her smaller, and a cake that increases her size.

After getting the key and shrinking down to use a small door, she soon finds herself in an enormous garden area. The White Rabbit explains that is sure he has found the right Alice this time, while the Dormouse believes he is mistaken.

Alice explains that her name is Alice, but feels they are looking for another "Alice.

An analysis of tim burtons use of colors and size in the movie edward scissorhands

The scroll claims that on the Frabjous Day, Alice will return to slay the Jabberwocky. Alice sees this, and adamants that she is not the person in the scroll, when a commotion breaks out, and the Knave of Hearts Crispin Glover appear, along with some red-carded soldiers and a creature called a Bandersnatch.

Everyone scatters, as the Knave takes the scroll, and captures the Dodo bird. Alice, when confronted with the Bandersnatch, stands her ground, convinced that it is just a dream. However, the creature scratches her, and Alice takes off running, but not before the Dormouse plucks out one of the creature's eyes.

Some ways off, Alice encounters the Tweedles again, who attempt to help her, but are soon captured by a giant bird that takes them to the Red Queen's castle. At the castle, the Knave of Hearts informs the Red Queen Helena Bonham Carter about the scroll, and the prophecy of Alice killing the Jabberwocky of which she possesses.

The Red Queen orders Alice to be found, and the Knave utilizes a bloodhound named Bayard Timothy Spall to track her down, promising freedom for Bayard's wife and pups a lie, meant as a way to get the dog to help the Red Queen.

The Mad Hatter Johnny Depp is pleased to see Alice, and is in rapture over the coming Frabjous day in which she will slay the Jabberwocky. Alice again insists she is not 'that Alice,' when the Knave of Hearts and Bayard close in.

The Hatter stuffs Alice into a teapot, to hide her from the Knave. In secret, the Dormouse scolds the dog for bringing the Knave there, but Bayard explains why he came. He then attempts to lead the Knave off in a different direction.

After they have left, the Hatter walks Alice through the nearby woods, where they come across the burned ruins of a small village.

The Hatter then explains to Alice about how in the time she was gone, the Red Queen has taken over Wonderland, banishing the White Queen Anne Hathaway to her own domain, and taking her vorpal sword. As they talk, the Knave again approaches, and the Hatter places Alice on his hat, and flings it across a river, giving himself up to the Knave, who takes him to the Red Queen.

Later on, Bayard finds the hat and Alice. Alice manages to convince Bayard to take her to the Red Queen's castle, to rescue the Hatter. Along with the hat, they find their way there, where Alice encounters the White Rabbit assisting with a game of croquet with the Red Queen.

Alice requests to be made larger she is still the size of a gerbiland the rabbit gives her a cake. However, she eats too much and ends up almost 10 feet tall, disrupting the croquet game. The Queen does not recognize Alice, who says she is 'Um' from Umbridge, and wishes to help the Queen.

The Queen, impressed by the size of Alice's head, declares her to be made part of her royal court. The Hatter is brought before the Queen and Alice, and is at first intended to be beheaded. However, the Hatter manages to stall for time, by requesting that he make the Queen a hat for her enormous head.

Flattered by the attention, she gives into this request. Alice soon finds out that the vorpal sword is on the grounds of the castle, but is locked away in a chest in the quarters of the Bandersnatch. After procuring the plucked eye from the Dormouse who has broken into the castle to free the HatterAlice manages to return the eye to the creature.

This allows her to gain access to the sword. Alice goes to the Hatter's room, and finds the Dormouse there. However, the Knave of Hearts shows up shortly, and when the Dormouse lets slip Alice's true name, he attempts to kill her.

Alice manages to escape into the courtyard, where the Bandersnatch helps her escape from the castle.Edward Scissorhands Essay Examples. 9 total results. An Analysis of Tim Burton's Use of Colors and Size in the Movie Edward Scissorhands.

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words. 1 page. A Plot Summary of Tim Burton's Movie "Edward Scissorhands" words. 1 page. A Comparison of the Films Frankenstein and Edward Scissorhand. Burton often uses motifs in his movies and Edward Scissorhands is no different.

Among many, one of the motifs Burton uses is conformity vs. ndividuality.

An analysis of tim burtons use of colors and size in the movie edward scissorhands

Burton’s movies all carry common threads, and like all of Burton’s previous main characters, Edward is an outcast. Analysis of Edward Scissorhands Essays Words | 3 Pages. In usual fairytale movies, filmmakers intend to make films that give happy endings with simple miraculous entertainments.

However, in the fable movie, Edward Scissorhand, the director, Tim Burton, positions the viewers to understand the significant meaning of particular issues. The use of point of view by Tim Burton is unique also, in the sense that there are all three points of view throughout all of Edward Scissorhands.

The movie is mainly told in third person, because the narrator is merely reflecting on her experience with Edward. Please respond the following questions in regards to story elements that include an exploration in terms of character, setting, structure of timing, point of view(POV), themes and issues, cause and effect, opening and closure, camera work, lighting, sound, performance, and editing.

Just like every Tim Burton movie, the main character in his movies are always portrayed as an outcast and only later on in the movie that they really do find their place in the community.

But this movie, Edward Scissorhands, is somewhat a little different.

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