America past present and future

Puritan belief and the future history of America.

America past present and future

Athlone McGinnis Athlone is a young man whose background gives him unique insight on sociological and cultural changes that are happening today.

Much has been made in the manosphere of the ongoing rise of negative social indicators in the United States and the general societal decline that they seem to be predicting, particularly as they relate to gender relations.

Many guys are worried sick about this, and rightfully so.

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In the midst of this concern, however, I would like to present some information that could shed some more light on what may come of all this: In fact, there exists within our society a model for the outcome of all the ongoing negative trends we are seeing, a culture that has already felt the impact of those trends and suffered their consequences.

The manosphere is a predominantly white corner of the net, but many of the problems discussed there are quite familiar to the relatively few blacks who frequent it. Almost every social problem guys in the manosphere cite as a growing concern within the general population has already played itself out within the Black American community.

Let us examine some of them individually. Concerned about growing obesity rates? Black American women already lead the nation here. You think white girls are getting fat?

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Concerned about illegitimacy and rampant out of wedlock births? Black America has already been there and done that. The nightmare scenarios being predicted in much of the manosphere regarding increased out of wedlock births and the complete breakdown of the family have already been played out there.

Everyone else is playing catch-up. There is great concern about the potential for the young men of the future to grow up without a father in the picture. For most black men including myselfthis is simply routine.

Concerned about the spread unchecked hypergamy is having on the dating market? Worried that it could lead to unrestrained bad-boy worship? Want to see where all of this is going?

Once again, look no further than black America. There may be no female more hypergamous than the average black american girl and, interestingly, there is no female with a lower rate of marriage. The culture places a tremendous emphasis for men on the possession of traits matching those of urban masculine culture read: In no culture are decent guys and more academically inclined males more marginalized and insulted than they are in Black American culture.

You think the sexual market value of the average white or asian nerd is low? Bad-boy love and the extreme form of hypergamy that comes with it has ruled the black community for a couple of generations now. That nightmare is reality there. What happens when men in a certain culture are marginalized and their households become largely matriarchal?

Men will have high unemployment and incarceration ratesand young boys will be prone to violence, academic reticence, and poor performance in school.

These women will then proceed to ponder where all the good black men went. A culture hostile to academia will arise, excessive male posturing see modern urban gang culture and the media that imitates it will become the norm to compensate for the lack of productive pursuits among the men and the next generation will live out a cycle characterized by generally dysfunctional behavior.

Black America will happen. Are you concerned about the rise of anti-male attitudes among women? Continuing emphasis is again mine: The end game is already on display. Black Americans used to have more stable families and much lower illegitimacy rates on par with or somewhat lower than those of modern white Americans.

They had thinner women and lower crime rates. Their men were valued once, less marginalized and expendable than they are now considered to be and not as frequently incarcerated either.

America past present and future

In other words, there was a time in which Black America was a much closer parallel to the White America we know. White Americans still hold on to pieces of this old reality, and now sound alarms throughout the manosphere of decline as more negative trends come closer and closer to home.

Meanwhile, Black Americans have no room left for decline-the destruction is already complete. If current trends are any indication, others may be soon to follow. Perhaps the numerous misfortunes that have befallen the Black American community could serve to warn others of what to do next and how to proceed into this more disconcerting future.

It gives an inside look to how the globalist establishment is attempting to marginalize masculine men with a leftist agenda that promotes censorship, feminism, and sterility.3 days ago · Past, Present, Future: American Conflict Through Time. November 13, By Henry_Vanase BRONZE, In summary, these key three tensions have shaped America and are still present .

For forty years, the United States has hidden the consequence of its dark racial history at the center of the War on Drugs. That historical consequence has now hardened into a box of mass.

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